Mayflower 400th Anniversary
1620 – 2020

Soon it will be September 16, 2020–the quatercentenary celebration
of the Mayflower voyage and founding of Plymouth Colony!


How to create a costume and dress like a Pilgrim1920 Celebration

California Mayflower Society – Sequoia Colony

Buy colony coins and pins from the Colony Treasurer. Mouse over the image to see the other side of the two sided coin. Coins are $20.20 each, or by set. Pins are $16.20, or two for $30. Proceeds above cost go to the "CA State 2020 Fund".

Lucas & Lewellen Winery, in Santa Barbara County, teamed with the California Mayflower Society to offer Limited Edition Mayflower 400 Label wine. Contact the Colony Treasurer to donate $35 and receive a bottle of wine at the colony meeting. Chardonnay — Dolcetto

Watch this video of pins and coins, and select full screen to see detail.


Forever Stamp

Forever Stamp for the 400th Anniversary:  Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor designed by Greg Breeding from painting by Greg Harlin will be released September 17, 2020.


Send beautiful commemorative mail with:

Emblem CardsShip CardsLabelsWax Seal

Commemorative Merchandise

US Mint CoinWine GlassFlaskGlassMugToteCapMen's Sweater