Membership — General Information

Memberships and junior memberships are available for California residents through the California Mayflower Society in Oakland, not The Mayflower Society in Plymouth (Webinars). Anyone who can document descent from a Mayflower passenger, who stayed to form Plymouth Colony, can apply for Mayflower Society membership (Descent from a crew member who returned to England in 1621 does not qualify).

*      Includes descent from a wife or child
**    Includes children by her first husband
***  Died first winter; descendants in the Netherlands
Passengers who died with no known descent

Membership Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor

Genealogy library collections, and online resources make it easier to find your Mayflower ancestors. Research assistance is available on the SF peninsula, and Oakland, and at local Family History Centers. If a family member's documentation is already on file with The Mayflower Society, Mayflower Lineage Match will make it easier. Having The Mayflower Society certify our lineage gives us pride in our ancestry, and satisfaction knowing we are descendants of early settlers of our country.

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