November 2020

Due to the pandemic, our November 7th Compact day meeting was online via Zoom. The topic was "Embracing our Heritage: When did you first learn of your Mayflower ancestry, and what has that heritage meant to you?" Members shared their stories.

November 2020

July 2020

Our summer picnic was at the Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park. We wore face masks when not eating to observe COVID-19 rules. Sharon Winslow Erickson is now the new Sequoia Colony governor.


March 2020

We met with the San Francisco Colony at the Menlo Circus Club in Menlo Park. Marston Watson, Genealogist & Author, spoke about the Mayflower Silver Book Project.

Marston Watson

Float Pilgrims

“The Voyage of Hope – 1620” float won the Americana Award at the 2020 Rose
Parade for the “Most outstanding depiction of national treasures and traditions.”